2023 NFL Draft Fourth-Round Scores: Patriots Receive ‘F’ for Pick; Eagles get a steal on pick 105

2023 NFL Draft Fourth-Round Scores: Patriots Receive 'F' for Pick;  Eagles get a steal on pick 105

Want to know what I think of every fourth-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft? You can follow all Saturday below as I rank all the picks for Round 4, as well as the other three rounds below. Be sure to refresh this page throughout the night for the latest sheet music.

Be sure to update this page throughout the weekend for the latest sheet music. If you want to do all of that, plus track the best available prospects and have one-page access to every selection in the draft, you can do that in our draft tracker. And follow every selection on our live blog and all trades on our trade tracker.

Day 3 of the NFL Draft is always full of good prospects, and this year is no different. Be sure to update this page throughout the day on Friday for the latest Day 2 grades.

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103. Saints: Nick Saldiveri, OT, Old Dominion

Grade: A-

Long, athletic fighter. Calm, cool, collected with flashes of malice. Can play next level OT or OG. Advanced passport protection. Needs to get stronger, but not far off. Expensive-ish with the trade up.

104. Robber: Jakorian Bennett, CB, Maryland

Grade: A-

One of my favorite DBs in class. Elite Elite. Versatility from the inside out. Sticky coverage and natural ball skills. Runs vertically with almost all NFL WRs. Some attack errors, but ultra lively. Trade up easily dictates the notes.

105. Eagle: Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia

Grade: A-

Many were tuned in to his 2022 film. It wasn’t me, I saw a super-sudden, fast CB with plus ball skills. Not a natural mirroring coverage type, but his quicks counter this weakness in his game. Also big and long.

106. Foal: Blake Freeland, OT, BYU

Grade: B+

He’s not ready to play right now, but is a long-time prolific athlete. Anchor is incredibly bad and unbalanced right now. Face Kolton Miller or Brian O’Neill on his head as he gets stronger. I like addressing the OL for Indy.

107. Patriots: Jake Andrews, C, Troy

Grade B

Andrews is a mean fighter in the middle with a bit of an outburst. Understands angle/leverage very well, especially for ground play. Low center of gravity. Played guard prior to his final season. Must put sand in his pants to deal with Bull Rushers in Pass Pro. A little early but a very Patriots pick.

108. Seahawks: Anthony Bradford, G, LSU

Class: A

Big, long, wide classic mash guard. Tested through the roof at the combine harvester, but its sportiness doesn’t always show. Hands can be a tad late, but that’s sophistry. Second level heat-seeking missile. quality anchor. I love this choice.

109. Texans: Dylan Horton, EDGE, TCU

Grade: C+

Very tough rating because he played almost exclusively in threesomes in 2022. Long limbs and big hustle player. Better against the barrel than anything else. manual work is missing.

110. Foal: Adetomiwa Adebawore, DT, Northwestern

Grade: A-

Classic Colts selection. Properties galore. Chief tester at the combine harvester. Tweener who isn’t very productive internally or who is chasing after the quarterback because he doesn’t have the strength. Long rusher. Good value at this stage.

111. Browns: Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio State

Grade B

That’s about where he should have been picked. Will be the biggest OT in the NFL as a rookie. Not a freaky athlete, of course, but it’s like trying to circumnavigate the edge of a building. There are balance issues and he is not as strong as his size would suggest.

112. Patriots: Chad Ryland, K, Maryland

Class: F

Accurate kicker but doesn’t have a big leg. Kickers can be withdrawn but traded for a kicker in the fourth round?

113. Falcons: Clark Phillips III, CB, Utah

Grade B

Low-level athlete who plays much more nervous than his measured training. Alive at catch point. Fought hard against Jordan Addison and held his own. Love this addition to Falcons Secondary just concerned about his speed/athletics.

114th Panthers: Chandler Zavala, G, State NC

Grade: A-

Zavala is an instant starter at the Watch. Sporty specimen. Also wide legs. Sometimes the feet are a little heavy at times, but in general he flows in the field. A bit older but that gave him more experience. Smart pick after Bryce Young’s election.

115. Bears: Roshon Johnson, RB, Texas

Grade: B+

Most effortlessly powerful back in this design. LBs look up to him and he’s always unimpressed. Pretty explosive too. Will force a bunch of missed tackles. Dynamic Rhamondre Stevenson. sculpted frame. Not much long speed.

116. Packer: Colby Wooden, DL, Auburn

Class: A

Tweener frame but real pass rusher on DT or EDGE. Probably best to rush against next level OGs. Thick frame, long leverage, non-stop engine. Some pass rush moves too. Also fight against the run.

117. Patriots: Sidy Sow, OG, Eastern Michigan

Class: A

Ultra-skilled, tall, even-tempered, athletic specimen on guard who rarely gets out of position or off balance. Combo blocking machine. handwork is good. It’s hard to find a fault in his game. Somewhat surprised that no offensive weapon has been added yet.

118. Commanders: Braeden Daniels, OL, Utah

Grade: C+

Might play OT or be a next level athletic guardian. Loves quick hiring and gets DLs in a hurry after the snap. Sporty specimen. Ability to recover is present. Needs to get much stronger and leans into many of his blocks, hurting his balance. early though.

119. Chiefs: Chamarri Conner, DB, Va Tech

Class: C

Explosive athlete who mirrors well and is part safety, part nickel cornerback. Problem solving is well received in the film due to his energetic style. Not a big ball production type either. Opportunistic DB. Trade up lowers the grade slightly.

120. Jets: Carter Warren, OT, Pittsburgh

Grade: A-

If he hadn’t injured himself in 2022, he would have been gone long ago. Accurate shots in Pass Pro. Uses its length well. Lots of experience. Good anchor despite higher center of gravity. Can start as a rookie. Not insanely up, but higher up.

121. Jaguars: Ventrell Miller, LB, Florida

Grade: D+

Classic Florida LB. Twitch, just downhill, run knockers. small frame Coverage weakness appears on film. Stiff in that regard. It is too early.

122. Cardinals: Jon Gaines II, UCLA

Class: A

Played all five positions at UCLA. Frictionless mover. Swims in the field. Works hard to get under DLs and win the leverage game. Rarely on the ground. Also very lengthy. Can become a quality starter.

123. Seahawks: Cameron Young, DT, Mississippi St.

Grade B

Old school NT. Not enough juice or pass rush moves to be a consistent pocket pusher in the NFL, but it won’t be from lack of effort. Powerful block shedding ability. Not much value on this guy, but a specific DL the Seahawks needed.

124. Ravens: Tavius ​​Robinson, EDGE, Mississippi

Grade: C

Large, long, trait-based rusher. Feels like his size and athleticism should have made him more productive in the college printing department, but he wasn’t. Pass Rush Specialist. Older prospects who need to get stronger.

125. Chargers: Derius Davis, WR, TCU

Grade: C+

Including one type of player who is a tremendous returnee. It’s no fun being locked up in space. Small with tiny capture radius and a few drops on film. Fun niche option for offense. But limited

126. Browns: Isaiah McGuire, EDGE, Missouri

grade B-

Inside-out rusher with advanced pass-rush move arsenal who is a no-nonsense strong player. It takes an extra second to win but can make it at the NFL level. Love him as a rotation rusher.

Saints 127: Jake Haener, QB, Fresno State

Grade B

Small but accurate natural launcher, not afraid to smash it through narrow windows. Arm strength is good, not great. Just enough athleticism to avoid occasional rushes, but mostly wants to win in the pocket. So as a backup option behind Carr.

128. Aries: Stetson Bennett, QB, Georgia

Class: C

High achievers in college. Armtalent is not brutal and a quality athlete. Had a ridiculously comfortable situation in Georgia. Accuracy is solid but was rarely pressured in college and has some ugly under pressure reps. Also older prospects.

129. Cowboys: Viliami Fehoko, EDGE, San Jose State

Class: A

Advanced rusher that is strong and has a thick EDGE frame. Multi-year productivity at the highest level. Athletics is a little worrying. I love the depth of position for Dallas here.

130. Jaguars: Tyler Lacy, EDGE, Oklahoma St.

Grade: C+

Active, energetic rusher who understands the need to win with his hands at the attack point. But wasn’t a consistent producer. Intermittently washed off the barrel but will fight laterally down the line.

131. Bengal: Charlie Jones, WR, Purdue

Class: C

Skilled route salesman who found success in a high volume role in 2022. Good not great athlete. YAC is almost non-existent. Feels a little early. Older prospect with a year of main production. Body control and hands are very good.

132. Steelers: Nick Herbig, LB, Wisconsin

Class: C

Tiny, highly productive rusher with a full arsenal to pressurize in college. Just major concerns about its length and size. Gets bullied a lot. Very similar to Sutton Smith’s selection in 2019.

133. Bears: Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati

Class: A

Fast. Really fast. Deceptive YAC abilities stemming from more than its explosiveness. hands are worry. Young player with great potential. I love the one with Darnell Mooney for Justin Fields.

134. Vikings: Jay Ward, CB, LSU

Class: C

Skinny, slot/security hybrid. The click and lock ability is something special. Coverability somewhat doubtful as then its stiffness comes to the fore. He’s not the most consistent tackler. Versatility is its most important attribute.

135. Raiders: Aidan O’Connell, QB, Purdue

Grade: C+

Quick release, methodical QB who can really get into a rhythm and hurl it. Stiff with essentially no ability to dodge rushers. While he pulls the football underneath and is at an intermediate level – if he reads the coverage well most of the time – his overall arm talent is average. Will be 25 in September.

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