Capcom Issues a Statement Regarding Gamers Caught Unauthorized Access to the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta


Capcom has released a statement regarding access to the Street Fighter 6 closed beta outside of the allotted timeframe. According to Capcom, this is a clear violation of the closed beta test terms of service.

If there is evidence indicating that a player is using the Street Fighter 6 closed beta in an unauthorized manner, that player may be banned from competing in the upcoming season of the Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League at that time.

“We have noticed that some users have accessed the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta (CBT) software and played the game outside of the stipulated time period,” the statement released said. “This is a violation of the CBT Terms of Service and may be considered a violation of the Capcom Pro Tour Code of Conduct.”

In particular, one of the rules published during the Street Fighter 6 closed beta application review clearly states that “It is forbidden to modify or analyze the software used in the closed beta test.” In order to access the closed beta test outside of the window provided for it, modifications to the software were likely required.

“For clarification, as of this date, any player who is conclusively proven to be accessing the CBT in an unauthorized manner may be deemed ineligible for the upcoming season of Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League,” the statement continued.

Based on that, it appears Capcom is issuing a warning to those who have played CBT in an unauthorized manner, a fair warning. This gives the impression that no one is considered inadmissible at this point, but any breach beyond that may result in the above penalties.

“We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in maintaining the fairness and competitive integrity of our contests,” Capcom concluded in their statement.

The first Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Test ran from October 7, 2022 to October 10, 2022. Some time later, the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Test allowed 2 additional players to play from December 16, 2022 to October 19, 2022 to play December 2022 .

It is currently unknown if there will be a third Street Fighter 6 beta test, but it doesn’t look particularly likely at this point as the game will be officially released on June 2nd, 2023. Instead, Capcom recently released Street Fighter 6 demo for all platforms where Street Fighter 6 will be released.

This Street Fighter 6 demo gives you a sneak peek at the game’s story mode and avatar creation tools. In addition, players can even check out the character guides for Ryu and Luke.

Most importantly, in versus mode, players are allowed to play against another human opponent locally. Alternatively, players can play against a CPU opponent from level 1 to level 8 instead.

Currently only Ryu and Luke can play in versus mode. It should also be noted that the game will automatically return to the home screen after every three matches. Needless to say, this demo is only intended to offer a small test of the full game.

Unfortunately, the Street Fighter 6 demo does not offer online access in the same way as the closed beta test 1 and closed beta test 2. During these tests, players were also allowed to play as Ryu, Luke, Chun-Li, Jamie, Guile , Yuri, Ken or Kimberly.

After the Closed Beta 1 and Closed Beta 2 periods, some players played a “cracked” version of the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta. Regardless, it seems like Capcom recently took notice and has now issued this stern but fair warning.

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