MMORPG Chrono Odyssey Gameplay Reveal Trailer Screenshots; confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series and PC

MMORPG Chrono Odyssey Gameplay Reveal Trailer Screenshots;  confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series and PC

South Korea-based game developer NPIXEL has released the gameplay trailer and new screenshots for Chrono Odyssey, his MMORPG based on Unreal Engine 5, and announced that it will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC via Steam. The previously announced iOS and Android versions are apparently no longer planned. A release date has not been announced.

“It is with our deep passion and appreciation that we unveil our trailer today,” he said Chrono Odyssey Producer Samuel Seo in a press release. “Chrono Odyssey is an ambitious project created by passionate developers and avid gamers who understand the power of immersive gaming experiences.”

Chrono Odyssey Technical Director Ken Kang added, “We firmly believe that MMORPGs serve as gateways to unforgettable experiences and treasured memories created through shared adventures and challenges.”

The trailer showcases the game’s “living and ever-changing world,” which introduces new weather and environments with each season, as well as its “innovative” gameplay mechanics, allowing players to manipulate time to customize combat and the environment “to redefine”. The score is by the composer Cris Velasco, whose earlier works include bloodborne, Fourteen days, God of WarAnd resident Evil.

“Our ultimate goal with Chrono Odyssey is to ignite players’ passion and connect it with a truly unforgettable gaming experience – one that will last a lifetime,” he said Chrono Odyssey artistic director Tei Yoon.

Here is an overview of the game via the official website:


Forge your own path.

Setera is a land of unexplored regions, with rewards and riches yet to be discovered. Let your bravery carry you to new regions as you face off against formidable foes. With your newfound control of space-time and the alliances you form throughout your travels, you are just about ready to conquer the lands you discover. There is no way through this world of possibilities created out of the chaos of warping space-time. Welcome to Setera. The adventure is yours.

At first glance, Setera may appear as a peaceful, beautiful country full of nature. However, Setera is now also the frontline of the war against the void that has raged since the dawn of time. This land is fraught with danger and chaos caused by twisted time and space and conflicting timelines. The same dangers offer countless mysteries and opportunities unmatched by any other world. Unravel the mysteries behind Setera’s timeline and find a way to save everyone – including yourself.

Opposing Powers

  • The Guardians – The Guardians consist of the larger beings that oversee all of Setera and those that follow them. They vary greatly in appearance and temperament, being originally out of this world. “The Great Ones” called them after each of their own worlds was destroyed by the Void. Because of their past, they consider the contaminated World Movers to be a serious threat. For them, the World Movers are both uninvited guests and enemies to eliminate.
  • The Nothing – The Void is a realization of nothingness and the cruel abyss. No one understands anything about the Void except for its ultimate goal: the utter destruction of all worlds. Essentially immortal, the powerful members of the Void possess unfathomable strength. The only reason Setera is able to rise and fight back against them is that Setera herself also denies the existence of the Void and limits her powers. However, the Void is increasing in number and strength. You are the last hope in the world.
  • The broken one – The Shattered are world movers whose bodies have succumbed to their Void contamination. Void contamination is extremely unstable once absorbed in the body, eventually causing seizures and a breakdown in bodily functions. Once the contamination reaches this point, the internal flow of energy in the body completely breaks down, leaving the contaminated neither dead nor alive. The Broken lose their self-esteem and blindly attack any living creature to restore lost energy.
  • The outcasts – The Outcasts are an armed band of outlaw World Movers. They were all ousted due to factional conflicts or outright immoral acts, and thereafter banded together due to their hostility towards other world movers. Their humanity makes it easier for them to hide, disguise, and attack and trick the World Movers. The danger they pose is completely different from that of your other enemies.
  • The world movers – The World Movers survived the destruction of their homeworld by the Void and fled to Setera. All are blessed with exceptional strength or luck that has enabled them to overcome a variety of challenges and powerful enemies. They have split into three separate factions. The ultimate goal of each faction is the survival and prosperity of the World Movers, and as such they work together toward that common goal. However, there is fierce competition between them for influence, rights and their own interests in pursuing these goals.

Chronotector, an artifact capable of manipulating space-time

The Chronotector is a powerful artifact said to have been created by a mysterious ancient civilization known only as “The Great Ones”. It has the power to warp and manipulate space-time at the will of the owner. Though it has lost much of its original power, it is still capable of twisting time and space to create effects irreplaceable by even the most powerful magic in the world.

Check out the gameplay trailer below. Check out the screenshots in the gallery.

Gameplay reveal trailer

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