Everything We Know About Destiny 2’s Season of Depths (Without Leaks)

Everything We Know About Destiny 2's Season of Depths (Without Leaks)

We’re just under a month away from the launch of Season of the Deep, Season 21 of Destiny 2, which they’ve been talking about at least a little bit more than usual, at least giving us the name up front and previewing a handful of things about upcoming ones changes. Also, there are in-game clues as to where it’s likely to take place.

Yes, I know there have been a lot of leaks this season. I haven’t read them, apart from some exotic nerfs and buffs. Nothing official about location and story though, so I’m just talking known in-game information and clues here.

It’s probably on an undulating Titan – Look, that seems pretty clear. At the end of the Winterbite quest, there is a message that says we’ll be returning to Titan soon. It reads: “Urgent: Saturn VI contains vital information. Enemy of the Witness on Titan. If it is still alive, preservation is of the utmost importance. Do not waste time.”

The theory is that the “enemy of The Witness” could be the massive sea monster lurking beneath the surface, which we’ve never really gotten any concrete information about. Is it another Hive worm god? An Ahamkara? Something else? I guess we’ll see the return of Titan the way we saw the return of the fallen Leviathan. An old, slightly smaller zone that was somehow transformed but not permanently unvaulted because it’s seasonal content and will likely go away with The Final Shape like the Leviathan did. I don’t know if it will repeat its old strike of Savathun’s song in any altered way.

Sloane is probably back – We focused on the Vex as part of Lightfall and saw the return of our old enemy Asher Mir, now merged with the Vex network. Well, I suspect Sloane will likely make a reappearance, the old Titan trader who was last seen there full of Doom Slayer on the Hive, and has chosen to stay behind rather than evacuate. This is unconfirmed, but it seems like a pretty logical guess. Either we find her there still alive and fighting, or we find her body.

Possessed/Hive focus – You probably remember hearing “The Deep” for the first time in Destiny during its famous Whisper of the Worm quest. That was the Hive god Xol speaking to us back then, and that mission was filled with the Taken. So it stands to reason that we will see many of the Taken combined with the ancient enemy that was on Titan, the Hive. What I don’t know is how exactly they will have altered the space. Lots of rot? I guess we’ll see.

The Veil Quest – In response to complaints about Lightfall’s The Veil being a little too bad to Mysteriously, Bungie has revealed that a quest is coming to explain more about The Veil through Osiris’ research and data from the Ishtar Collective. We know that this quest will not only reward us with intel, but also with a “missing” handgun that was featured in Lightfall promotional art but never in the expansion itself. It’s a legend. I think there was also an HE grenade launcher in the artwork, but we didn’t hear about that.

Also, there will be a reward for each class that represents a new beach aspect, so we have more than two of each. Titans get Flechette Storm, Hunters get Threaded Spectre, Warlock gets The Wanderer. Sounds to me like something with Unraveling Rounds for Titan, something linked to the buffed Threaded Spike melee, or maybe just the Hunter Super for Threaded Specter. Warlocks…get a little threadling buddy to wander around with you? I have no idea, these are just guesses.

Big abilities and exotic changes – Unless you’re diving into leaks, we’ve been a little loose with details here so far, apart from some recently announced beach buffs specifically helping Hunter. There’s supposed to be a big skills blog next week detailing the changes. We’ll also get a new round of Exotic buffs, probably pairing some of them with subclass 3.0 keywords, more than we’ve seen so far. Bungie has announced that they will continue to do so in the future.

New dungeon – It’s on the plan. As far as I can see we don’t have any hints of this in game and these are usually kept fairly secret until just before their release. It’s unclear if it’s set on Titan or elsewhere, but the final two dungeons have actually been tied into the seasonal story, albeit in their own standalone locations.

That’s most of what we know I think. I suppose I can add more to that over time, and this coming week should at least reveal a good amount of information about the sandbox.

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