Here are all the free channels available on Google TV

Google tv free channels

Google TV has always been a destination for content searches, and now there’s a lot more with the additional free channels available right from the home screen. Here’s everything that’s available.

Now available on all Google TV devices in the United States, there are over 800 free live TV channels streaming everything from news to movies and more without costing you a penny. Some of these channels are built-in, while others are powered by third-party apps.

Free Google TV Channels: What’s built-in

Devices like Chromecast with Google TV give you instant access to a total of 77 free live channels. These channels do not require app installs or additional accounts. Just set up your Google TV device, go to the Live tab, and you’ll get all of those channels.

The full list is as follows.

  • NBC News Now
  • All day today
  • Sky news
  • Reuters now
  • Scripps News
  • Cheddar News
  • AccuWeather
  • Free Xumo Movies
  • Filmrise Free Movies
  • Hallmark Movies and more
  • Maverick Black cinema
  • Documentary+
  • Xumo Free Western
  • Filmrise promotion
  • ion
  • Deal or No Deal USA
  • Family disputes
  • ion secret
  • Dateline 24/7
  • Filmrise unsolved mysteries
  • Filmrise forensic files
  • Midsomer Murders
  • Xumo Crime
  • Reelz famous and notorious
  • CourtTV
  • Law & Crime Trials Network
  • divorce court
  • Filmrise Hells Kitchen
  • The Jamie Oliver Channel
  • Lidia’s kitchen
  • America’s test kitchen
  • a matter of taste
  • At home with the Craftsman family
  • Great American Adventures
  • PBS nature
  • love nature
  • Stingray Natural Landscape
  • Leg Sports Xtra
  • World Poker Tour
  • Impact wrestling
  • PGA Tour
  • Billiard TV
  • Outdoor America
  • Outside
  • Power Nation
  • BounceXL
  • sally army
  • Only for laugh gags
  • The Pet Collective
  • It’s showtime at the Apollo
  • Drybar comedy
  • LOL network
  • Circle
  • Wu Tang Collection
  • Family affairs channel
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Paranormal Files
  • Dust Sci-Fi
  • Estrella news
  • EstrellaTV
  • Telemundo Al Dia
  • Cinema Romantico
  • iHeartCountry
  • iHeart90s
  • Stingray Classic Rock
  • Stingray Soul Storm
  • NBC News Bay area
  • NBC News Boston
  • NBC News Chicago
  • NBC News Connecticut
  • NBC News Dallas Fort Word
  • NBC News Los Angeles
  • NBC News New York
  • NBC News Philadelphia
  • NBC News San Diego
  • NBC News South Florida
  • NBC News Washington DC

Google is also constantly updating this list, so keep checking back for new additions.

What other channels are free on Google TV?

Besides these 77 built-in channels, Google TV also offers free live channels from a variety of third-party apps. This includes channels from:

Channels are all listed together in the same guide, but selecting a channel from one of these other providers will launch the associated app, which you must have installed. Some of these services require an account, but you will still not be billed.

How to choose your favorite live channels on Google TV

With hundreds of channels available and no number pad to quickly switch between them, Google TV’s Favorite Channels feature really comes in handy. As pictured below, this works fairly easily. Locate the channel you want to add as a favorite, click its name, and then a new Favorites category will be added at the top of the Live tab. This works with channels from any source, paid or free.

Are free channels available on Android TV?

Currently, Google only offers free live TV channels Google TV, not on the older Android TV experience. You’ll find Android TV on devices like the Nvidia Shield TV and other devices made before 2021. At this point, most devices will run Google TV instead.

However, Google has expressed an interest in bringing these live channels to Android TV, but this has not been confirmed at a later date.

We also plan to bring the new TV Guide and Free Channels to eligible Android TV devices later this year.

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